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Creating atmosphere at Volta’s

Smell is truly one of the biggest gifts of life.

It is said that certain smells can bring back memories or create and persuade different emotions. There is a close relation of smell with memories. Something as small as the scent can have a large impact and can make a good experience into an even better one.

An important aspect for Volta’s is the sense of smell. We incorporate different scents and methods throughout our spa to bring the most relaxation and comfort for our clients. As you step in through the door, there is warmth, positive energy and calmness in the air. We use candles, hot oils, incense and mists to create an effective aura throughout Volta’s.

During treatments, we have specific mists and essences that are spritzed or added into the massage oil that target specific areas of concern for the clients.

Some of the scents used at Volta’s are: -Vanilla -Lavender -Sandalwood -Jasmine -Frangipani Monoi

Scent has a large emotional and mental role. Coming in here may remind you of something, or of a time in your life. It may provide you with a new place in mind to remind you of comfort and relaxation if you come across similar notes as present at Volta’s.

When this place was created, we were extremely keen on making the first step in to Volta’s, till the last moment inside, to be perfect, to have relaxation every step of the way. We wanted to make sure that our clients would remember us and the scents at Volta’s were named an essential part of it.



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