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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Bali, Ubud

Our Motto, “Relax & Unwind. Feel the positive energy surrounding you,” displays the goal at Volta’s. To provide our clients with the experience of absolute relaxation and complete rejuvenation.

Our First Post - Welcome To Volta's65ing essence of bali, such a heavenly place and give the oppurtunity to people within the UK to experience the same vibe. A great deal of what Volta’s is, comes from her inspiration and beliefs of thinking positive, medidating daily and the power to relax in such a hectic environment in London.

Volta’s was created by a mother-daughter duo. Founder Varsha Kumar with her experience in the beauty industry and the art of massage. And Founder Kritika Kumar with business and creative, inspiration from Bali and designer heavy-hand, came together to create this family business. They combined their expertise together to create a business which provides indulgent service and a relaxing environment.

Keeping the journey of the creation of Volta’s in mind our goal is to always instill those beliefs and values into our treatments and for our clients.

Come in and feel the positive energy surrounding you.



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