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Skin activating night cream


BENEFITS: Energises, Replenishes, Smoothes

This energising night cream is powered by the patent-pending BIO-ENERGY™ complex of encapsulated Zinc and Copper to revive the complexion. Enriched with trace elements and Calcium PCA to help boost night-time nourishment and skin vitality.


Ideal to use when it feels like your skin has stopped responding to your usual skincare routine; if your skin looks dull and grey or your make-up no longer sits well on your skin; when your skin needs a little something extra.

BIOTEC Skin Energising Night Cream

  • The BIOTEC Skin Energising Night Cream has been designed to turn your skin back on, recharging the skin while you sleep so that it is fully energised and ready to go on waking. When blended with the potent phyto-bioactive, the Trio of Acids helps support and maintain optimum skin function and vitality. Enriched with trace elements and Calcium PCA to help boost night-time nourishment and skin vitality, it visibly improves the appearance of skin tone. Trans-epidermal water loss is limited, the skin’s barrier function is reinforced and the complexion appears smooth, youthful and replenished.

    BIOTEC is for all skin types, all ages, and for both women and men. It’s for skin that is showing signs of trauma due to stress, fatigue, the effects of hormonal imbalance – skin that needs a re-boot.

    You can use the BIOTEC system for a month to turbo-charge your skincare routine and re-awaken the skin as and when you need to. When you return to your previous skincare routine, you will really see and feel the difference. Skin will be responsive once again. Or you may decide that you wish to continue using BIOTEC for longer to keep your skin looking fueled and full of vitality.

    Due to natural ingredients in this product, slight color variations may occur.

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